An agency that was created to compensate victims of crimes in New Jersey has seemingly just blamed one victim for her unfortunate demise.

The passenger died, and when her mother sought to collect from the fund to pay for funeral costs, the agency, Victims of Crimes Compensation office, said the passenger was at fault for getting in the car with a drunk driver.

You may agree with the agency. We don't know if she was fully aware of the driver's condition at the time. However, like most government offices, they seem more interested in growing their agency and spending and consuming more tax money than actually doing what they were set up to do.

In the past three years, their overhead has tripled! According to records from the treasury office, they have 31 pensionable salaries totaling nearly $2 million annually before overtime. The amount they have paid to victims has decreased over the past few years, but their overhead has tripled!? Sounds like the US and New Jersey taxpayers are once again the victims overall.

I wonder if you and I can collect any money from the Victims of Crimes Compensation Office. After four years of tax and spend policies of the Murphy Administration is up, we should all file a claim!

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