On Tuesday, I wrote an article declaring that the Republican Party in New Jersey was effectively useless if not completely dead. The fact that the state Senate and the Assembly voted overwhelmingly, 35-0 and 72-2 respectively to pass a bill deceivingly named for "Equal Pay" may have been the nail in the proverbial coffin.

On Wednesday's show, I welcomed the only two legislators who had the guts to stand up for common sense and reject a bill that will likely drive more businesses out of New Jersey, foster additional discrimination toward women in the workplace and enrich attorneys. Assembly Members Michael Patrick Carroll and Jay Webber joined me on air. I also had a great conversation with my friend and Save Jersey founder Matt Rooney.

One thing that I had to clarify today is that even though members of the GOP Assembly Caucus did not stand and publicly attack Asm. Carroll as he delivered his "no" vote speech on the floor Monday, many female members did stand to show gender solidarity with their Democratic colleagues. Wow. Ignorance fueled by weakness and fear. I had one GOP leader tell me that he thought the reasons that the GOP cowardly handed Murphy and Sweeney this huge victory is they were "afraid of the political mailers that would accuse them of being anti-woman." Wow. What cowards. I guess it really is all about re-election and career advancement. We've been betrayed by both parties. 2021 will be here soon, is there a champion who will speak for New Jersey?

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