The financial planning website has ranked 100 American cities on how hospitable they are to vegans and vegetarians, the two New Jersey cities on the list, Newark and Jersey City, didn’t fare so well.

Source: WalletHub

The cities were ranked on affordability (cost of groceries, affordability of highly rated restaurants that offer vegetarian and vegan meals, and average meal cost), diversity, accessibility, and quality, and vegetarian lifestyle (including vegetable and fruit consumption, and availability of vegan and vegetarian festivals). Newark came in 82nd, scoring very low in percentage of restaurants serving vegan options (dead last), 99th in restaurants serving vegetarian options, and 98th in the prevalence of farmers’ markets. Jersey City was a little better, placing 68th overall, with noticeably low rankings in salad shops per capita, and vegetable nurseries per capita. The most vegan and vegetarian friendly city in the country is New York and the 100th is Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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