Do you rush out to see the movie that everyone is raving about? Are you the one at the party who when people are quoting the biggest movie of the year, you’re the only one who hasn’t seen it? Yup, that’s typically me. I still haven’t seen "Forrest Gump".

One of the reasons we started the podcast “Movie and a Dinner” was to dive into movies you probably should have seen, but haven’t. Often times it breaks along gender lines. My wife Jodi hasn’t seen "Saving Private Ryan" and I think it’s one of the best films ever made.

For my podcast co-host Jay Black, same thing in his house.

In this latest episode, Jay has recommended for his wife “There Will Be Blood” and she got him to watch, yes you guessed it, "Forrest Gump". They have a conversation you won’t want to miss over an outstanding dinner at my friend Gennaro's restaurant in Kingston, New Jersey.

Make sure when you call to make reservations, you ask for the “Veal Spadea". It’s a thing and it’s gonna be one of the best meals you’ve had.

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