You really never know how the show is gonna go in the morning. Different things happen, stories take on a life of their own and sometimes your daughter calls from London to share just how ridiculous she thinks her dad's new e-mail auto-response is and she's not the only one.

As you've heard on the show, my daughter Elizabeth lives in London and is now in her third year studying at the University of the Arts. My e-mail is set to auto respond to anyone sending me a note that I will probably not see the e-mail and they should send me a direct message on Twitter. So many listeners are doing just that, which is great!

One listener sent me a DM on Thursday asking for a restaurant recommendation in Mayfair as she's visiting her daughter who's studying abroad. So, of course, I checked in with E and asked her to help. She called with a great recommendation as evidenced by the reaction she got from Patrick Lavery who promptly googled the menu.

Of course no conversation with E was gonna happen without her poking a little fun at my e-mail strategy, which incidentally I think is a great idea!

The better idea is that from this call today, Patrick and I decided that we now have a special "London Bureau" for the morning show. Strictly volunteer hours, of course.

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