It’s all about security. Separating Trump’s rhetoric about Muslims from the actual facts about the travel ban is very important. It doesn’t matter what the President thinks of Muslims, or any other group for that matter. The United States Supreme Court on Tuesday decided in favor of Trump's travel ban. “In doing so,” Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. wrote, “we must consider not only the statements of a particular president, but also the authority of the presidency itself.”

So you see, it doesn’t really matter who the president likes or hates. The fact is that the five Muslim countries included in the ban, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. (North Korea and Venezuela are also on the list) are so ass backwards they have no way of assuring us that people who want to come here don’t intend harm. They have inaccurate record keeping processes and virtually no vetting systems.

With a Muslim population in New Jersey three times the national average, it’s clear we are not xenophobes nor do we suffer from Islamaphobia. We do, however suffer from terrorist-a-phobia (Or at least I do). We have no way of knowing what percentage of NJ Muslims subscribe to a Jihadist view, but one has to assume that if the worldwide average of Muslims who do is thought to be about 15%, then there could be already a significant amount right here in our state already. Presumably, once a ne’er-do-well or would-be terrorist steps off the plane, he (or she) going to go to a place where he knows people of the same background. So New Jersey is, in fact, at risk of attracting people who would do harm to America. Do we want that kind of Muslim here?

It goes without saying that we will always assume that most Muslims are peace-loving, good people. But letting people in from countries that routinely sponsor terrorism, especially those with high percentage of Islamic fundamentalists when those countries can’t really tell the good from the bad is very risky indeed. And particularly risky for states like New Jersey.

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