We tackled the immigration issue again on Wednesday to the usual chorus of haters and supporters alike. The bottom line is this: border security involves prosecuting offenders. Those offenders cannot be detained in the same facility as young children for safety reasons, therefore you will have some separation of parents and families. Beyond the safety issue, it's critical to understand that there are numerous reports of illegal border crossers using other people's kids to seek asylum. It's also clear that there are criminals and human traffickers among the illegal crossers. The safest and most prudent thing the US government can do is separate the legitimate families from the traffickers and the criminals. Beyond that, most of the kids are unaccompanied and are very lucky to have made it to the United States unscathed.

For me, I actually managed to upset both sides of the aisle during the conversation. My position is clear and non-partisan. On one hand, I support the President and the Secretary of Homeland Security for aggressively implementing border security and on the other, I support a pathway to citizenship for many undocumented immigrants. It's simple and the President was elected to do exactly what he's doing. The real question is why are the Republicans in Congress, who have the majority, so quick to embrace the illogical, emotional arguments of the President's detractors all the while they actually possess the power to fix what's broken in our immigration system?

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