Isn't it nice that New Jersey politicians can agree on why New Jersey sucks? If only these geniuses could agree on ways to make it better. Personally, I'm a huge fan of New Jersey. I've lived here all my life in all parts of the state and wouldn't leave for any reason. As Bill Spadea would say, "I'm digging in." Actually, my family and I are dug in pretty deep. However, I asked why New Jersey sucks and here are the top ten reasons I got...

Michael Beifeld: "Taxes" ... By far the number one rated reason.

Richard Hall: "Drivers. I’ve driven through many states in my life. Other than Maryland, NJ has the worst drivers" ...Try driving in New York,

Matt Heavens: "Beach tags"

Paul Venier: "Not the people, not the food, not the culture... but the roads suck big time. Jughandle and circles. Plus the corruption is out of control"

Rick Verso: "New Jersey does not suck... the politicians and the taxes suck! The state is great... we are close to the shore, the mountains, NYC... if it gets too hot during the summer we know that relief comes soon enough... same with winter. We very rarely get severe storms as does most of the country. Earthquakes and tornados are not even worth talking about. It's mostly the taxes that get folks pissed off."

Scott Helmus: "The real estate taxes in NJ sucks really bad...other then that, NJ is not a bad state... a lot of beautiful real estate, NJT train service from trenton to NYC is great... the people.

Wayne Sweeney: "Murphy’s Law, the Governor Version!"... to which Michael Tearson replies: "Christie was better? really?"

Jim Donahue: "The fact you can get in for free, but it costs five bucks to get out!!"

Jack Kravitz: "These people are all messed up. New Jersey ROCKS... We got beaches, mountains, close to New York, and Philly, great public transportation, and Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and Sinatra... just to name a few. I love NJ... I'm with you Jim!"

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