Ever have that "Wanna Get Away" moment that you see on those commercials? Mine came Sunday at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia where I was invited to cover an exclusive Gene Simmons "meet and greet" called "The Vault Experience" for fans who purchased the Kiss founder's box set.

There were about 100 people there and Simmons was great as he took the stage with his guitar and talked music, told stories, and answered questions from the audience before going into a room where each fan was given five minutes of private conversation with him.

So there we are with Gene talking about "The Beatles" and I'm captivated while recording this on my phone. Then horror of horrors, my phone rings! Since I spend a large part of my day either in radio studios or on stage, I NEVER have my ringer on... until this day. I'm mortified!

Ever have that moment where everything slows down? In my mind I'm thinking of the guy who screams "Nooooo" in slow motion. Meanwhile my body is trying to turn down the ringer to no avail.

Now the whole room turns and looks at me and Simmons without breaking stride in his story when the phone rings says "I'll get that," crowd laughter as he sees me to the left of the stage. "By the way do they make that ring for men?" Stronger laughter as I cringe "that may be some chick answering that phone."

Now I'm laughing when he looks right at me and says "Is that your phone?" I'm dying as he says "Is that a man or a woman or other?" Trying to find something funny to say and realizing I had nothing, I reply "a man, all man." Then Simmons says "You're going to be popular in jail, just bring that ringer with you." I slinked away, but did get a fist bump as he was leaving the stage. Today I'm having my ringtones surgically removed from my phone!

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