My son Albert, like his father, is a die hard Giants fan. In his 11 years he has already seen two Super Bowls, unlike his father who had to suffer through the sucky seventies in his youth. My son Lennon is an Atlanta Falcons fan. I'm still trying to figure that out.

But for their 11th birthday (which was Oct.18) we decided to take them each to a game to see their team play. As it turned out, the Falcons were in town to play the Jets and we went in the monsoon to see that game. Even though it poured rain all day, the Jets and Falcons gave us a competitive game with Atlanta coming out on top 25-20.

The Giants on the other hand were a different story. They were blown out by the Los Angeles Rams 51-17. This game was also played in the pouring rain but given the choice, I'd rather see a great game in heavy downpour than what we saw yesterday from the Giants. In fact, I'd rather see anything else than what we saw from the Giants. It was the kind of game that could give a child nightmares. I know because I had them all last night!

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