As a father you look forward to this day when you're holding your newborn sons in your arms. The day you take them to their first football game. Being a Giants fan and expecting them to do great this year, I was imagining a crisp, sunny fall day against an opponent the Giants could easily beat. I'd like to think my boys would be completely into the excitement and wonder of a live NFL game. I never imagined in my wildest dreams it would be Jets-Falcons in the driving rain. They had a blast!

We left for the stadium around 11:45 in rain so bad that you could hardly see out your window. We had plastic ponchos, towels to wipe the seats and subs in clear plastic bags. We had the Jets pre-game on our sister station 1057THEHAWK and talked football all the way there. Fortunately, the traffic was real light and parking was easy. You could sense their excitement as we walked closer and closer to the stadium. Their eyes widened as we entered and they saw all the people clad in Jets gear and the size of the TV screens that were showing the game everywhere. I filmed some analysis with them since they talk football all day long and had them pick the final score.

The rain stopped for a while when the game started and we got through about the first quarter before it started coming down in droves. We didn't care, as they were so intent on the game and checking out all the things you can see from the seats that you can't see on television like coverages and what the players not involved in the play are doing that they were completely involved. There was also that moment where Dad caught one of the tee shirts that Seasonal World was tossing into the crowd. (Dad's still got it!)

We stayed outside until there was about eight minutes left, then watched on the various screens until we got to our car and got out with hardly any traffic. They loved it so much that all they're talking about now is going to more games. I told them to make the team, then they can go to all of them.

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