I'm both proud and humbled to be honored by the City of Angels at their Masquerade Gala Friday night, October 22. City Of Angels, which was founded by Kevin Meara who lost his son Casey to drug addiction, truly does the work of the angels.

They have helped both friends and relatives of mine. As their website says "City of Angels NJ, Inc. is an independent organization with no parent organization. We never charge for our services, including interventions, recovery support and other programs and activities. COA works with anyone needing help with addiction, whether or not they have health insurance."

I've seen that work in action many times when Meara and Art Ackerman would be in my studio as guests and during the commercials, Kevin would be on his cellphone guiding some lost soul to a train that would be waiting to take them to the help that they need, help they won't get until they decide that they want it.

I'll never forget the night Meara, Ackerman and actress Amy Locane, who at the time was a life coach, met with Artie Lange in the New Jersey 101.5 conference room and 2 hours later Lange came into my studio and announced he was going into rehab.

I'll also never forget the sobering experience when Meara took 23 holy cards out of his jacket pocket of the funeral he had gone to so far that month.

This October, COA celebrates its 12th anniversary by honoring citizens they have recognized who have helped COA with a Masquerade Gala over the years.

They are soliciting donations and silent auction items and humbly ask for your support. Please if you can help with a donation click here.

With each passing year, the number of those addicted in New Jersey grows, especially now that we're dealing with the COVID pandemic.

According to their website;

"The number of Americans who suffer from addiction is at an incredible high. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 72,000 Americans died due to an overdose in 2019, and in a staggering increase during COVID, 93,000 overdose deaths occurred in 2020."

We're at the point where you know or know of somebody, be it a friend or family member that's dealing with addiction. Many times you'll say "If there's anything I can do."

Here's something you can do...

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