The powers that be have spoken. There will be no tailgating at any of the 23 high school football sectional finals that will begin this weekend. So say the New Jersey State Interstate Athletic Association. Why not you ask? Because their events are drug and alcohol free.

NJSIAA Executive Director Steve Timko said in a statement "When you attend an NFL or Big Ten football game, for example, the entire environment is dedicated to fan entertainment, But high school sports are different -- even a state championship football game contested at Met Life Stadium is an extension of the classroom. And you don't allow alcohol, drugs or tailgating at school." Then how do you explain some high schools sponsoring tailgates at home games?

Excuse me, isn't that why they have security at these games? Are you telling me that Met Life Stadium, which just held the New York Jets hosting the New England Patriots and will hold the New York Giants hosting the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night, can't handle high school football?

Tailgating is part of the football experience and these athletes, friends, and families should get to share that. It will be a memory that they will keep for the rest of their lives. School sponsored tailgating could also be a great way to raise money! Perhaps the thinking is that all the money spent should be inside the stadium at the concession stands. If that's the thinking, I'd rather take a knee at halftime then pay $5.75 for a Met Life hot dog.

No word on how the ban will be enforced. Perhaps they can give mass detention and hold it in the parking lot. Then we can bring food and coolers!

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