If you're any kind of a football fan who attends games, tailgating is a part of life. It's just so wrong for the New Jersey State Interstate Athletic Association to ban it from their upcoming sectional finals.  For the past 20 years, many of the guys I grew up with would tailgate at section 12B at Giants stadium. There would be lots of food, much of which came from Italian delicatessens, lots on bee,r wine, and Moscow mules, the official drink of the Union City Derilicts (which is what we were called), and lots of catching up.

What's great about staying in touch is that the conversation doesn't depend on the old stories but also what's going on now. You also get to stay as grounded as these people kept you throughout your life. My best tailgate party involved breakfast with Giant legend Sam Huff and the Washington Redskins broadcast team, brunch at 12B then watching the game in a vacated Giants box. It would have been great if the Giants had won the game, but NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Check out the video for the rest of the story!

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