Robin Vaughn, the Trenton councilwoman who called Mayor Reed Gusciora a pedophile, has apologized. She said it was wrong to use the vulgar language she did, but will not step down, as many of New Jersey's top politicians had called for her to do.

I've said earlier this week, that the voters of Trenton should decide if she should keep her job.

Will the mayor apologize to her for calling her an idiot or a 4-year-old girl? He threw the first shot in the insult war on a private conversation that HE leaked to the press, presumably to get rid of his political opposition. You might call that dirty politics. You might say that he should step down for that and for starting a war of words with his female colleague. OK, you might not say it, but I will.

An excerpt of the call is below. The meeting can be heard in full here. (Warning: includes profanity and slurs).

The mayor also said his office reported a 'MAGA" hate monger to the state police following the incident. The NJSP has no record of investigating such allegations according to the Trentonian. Something ain't right in the mayor's office. And why is one insult worse than another? He was hoping that in the trench warfare of identity politics he would win because he is an openly gay man. Well, being openly gay does not give you the right to insult people with impunity and then pull a dirty trick to get rid of her. Shame on YOU, Mr. Mayor.

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