If you’re a committed cop hater, there’s probably nothing I can do to change your mind. But even you would have to admit that a city cop, especially one in a city like Trenton has one of the most difficult, challenging and risky jobs out there. A lot of these guys literally say goodbye to their wives in the morning and I have no idea if they’ll be back that night. That’s why I love to highlight a story like this.

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Officers Richard Agabiti and Richard Gonzalez were called to the Lincoln Avenue Bridge back in July after getting a report of a man sitting on the ledge. The man was not only sitting on the edge of a bridge, but his location put him over active rail tracks and live electrical wires, according to police.

He expressed to the cops that he was going through a lot of difficult things in his life and it seemed that it any moment he could have decided to end it all. An article by Adam Hochron on NJ1015.com includes a video of the scene. I’m so happy that the moment these cops helped this guy through this difficult moment thereby saving his life was caught on video. There’s enough negative stuff about the cops on video, this deserves to go viral as well.

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