Whether it's due to your job's location, wanting to live close to family or you still enjoy the bustle of big cities, not all of us live near the ocean or in the peaceful mountains.

However, you still want a moment in your day or an area of your home where you would like to feel the way you feel when you are at one with nature or just relaxed and peaceful.

When my husband and I moved into our two-bedroom / two-bathroom apartment we thought it would be spacious enough. The second bedroom became an office for me and my husband, the garage became his man cave and eight months later the entire apartment pretty much now belongs to our 70-pound puppy.


We do have a patio though which overlooks our development's manicured grounds. I turned what was a plain little patio into my little oasis. I even covered the cement floor with wooden panels which I bought from Home Depot since they offered the best deal. I put up soft lights, comfortable chairs, plants and whatever made me feel cozy. I got furniture, flooring, an outdoor rug and decor all for only $129.00.


Now I have a place to sit and have my coffee while the sun comes up, a place to retreat to on the weekends just to read or enjoy the weather. Even my dog comes out to start his day with his stretches and stealing pieces of my banana or toast.

My friends come over and want to go straight to the patio to catch up with some wine. Two of my neighbors even told me they were inspired to do the same to their patios.


I think it's so important to have a space of your own to feel peaceful, grateful and even where you could prepare for your day! It doesn't have to break the bank nor take a ton of time. This week I will enjoy Marlow's Mozzafiato and send positive vibes to your little space of happiness!

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