New Jersey's two highest-profile politicians wasted no time this weekend politicizing two horrific shootings in other parts of the country.

Our governor blamed "our national leader" for being "under the trance of the gun lobby." He would rather do away with the Second Amendment and confiscate every legal gun owner', firearms and leave the guns to those who don't follow ANY laws. It's a typical response from a grandstanding, power-hungry, pandering politician ... and those are his positive traits!

Then, of course, there's Cory Booker. Could there be a more phony, disingenuous, pandering fool anywhere on the planet? He immediately blames Donald Trump for the shootings, saying, "there's complicity in the president's hatred."

No one has spewed more hatred and projected more racism to Trump than Cory Booker, so I guess he knows of what he speaks when it comes to that. If he's not putting on some dog and pony show at a Senate hearing, he's telling a late-night talk show buddy how he'd like to punch the president in the face.

While we all watched news reports in horror and our hearts sank, our politicians sank to their usual depths in trying to capitalize politically on a national tragedy. These shooting have been happening long before the current president took office and will continue, despite the heated political rhetoric and finger-pointing.

The only ones responsible are the two evil lunatics who pulled those triggers. Let's hope for less of these incidents and hope for more from our so-called "leaders" in New Jersey.

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