Across New Jersey stores are starting to push Christmas way too early so maybe you've been forced to think about toy shopping already. Well if you're in toy mode, get ready to get nostalgic. This year's Toy Hall of Fame nominees are out. A dozen classic toys made the list and of these two or three will be inducted in an announcement in November.

This year's nominees are...

2. Magic 8 Ball
3. Matchbox Cars
4. My Little Pony
5. Paper Airplane
6. PEZ Candy Dispenser
7. Play Food
8. Risk
9. Sand
10. Transformers
11. UNO
12. Wiffle Ball

First of all, CLUE is a game, not a toy. Next gripe? Where do they get off including sand as a toy!? That's like making a stick or a leaf a nominated toy. Hell why not make a kid's thumb and index finger a toy since we all used them to play guns? Risk, UNO, games, not toys. To me there's a difference. Sorry if I'm quibbling. A PEZ candy dispenser? Seriously THOF? That's just a fancy container for candy. How much play action did we ever really get out of those?

I think the clear winners here are the Magic 8 Ball and Matchbox Cars. I remember having a ton of Hot Wheels Cars and Matchbox Cars. My parents even got me the fold out Matchbox Country and Matchbox City toys with the built in roads and buildings to drive them all on. The Magic 8 Ball was a genius idea that even adults to this day have to grab and start asking questions of with the same shattered false hope one had in walking into Madam Marie's on the Asbury Park boardwalk.

Will either of these toys make it into the Toy Hall of Fame?

Outlook good.

Signs point to yes.

It is decidedly so.

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