It came to light that Mary Pat Christie got nailed earlier this year for distracted driving. The delicious irony of this is it was her own husband's attorney general who ordered a crackdown on distracted driving. Little did he know it would catch the wife of his boss, Gov. Chris Christie, in its net.

It was back on April 10th that a Bernardsville officer Timothy Richard pulled over a white 2016 Chevy Suburban whose female driver was clutching her cell phone in one hand as she drove. That female turned out to be the first lady of New Jersey Mary Pat Christie. The officer had no idea during the stop it was her because to her credit, she never played the "Do you know who I am?!" card. Find that hard to believe? Check out the dashcam video of the stop.

Mad respect for Mary Pat Christie who never once points out to an officer in the traffic stop that she's the governor's wife! Yes, she debates a bit with her question about what's the difference if you're holding a cup of coffee vs. holding but not using a cell phone, but who wouldn't? She showed up in court and pleaded guilty and paid a fine of $250.

So I began thinking of all the ways she could have tried to get out of this. Here are the top 10 approaches I came up with.

10. "I'm sorry, I was just checking the traffic on the NJ1015 app to see if my husband closed the GWB again."

9. "Did I just see you on Tinder Mr. Handsome? I swiped right on you!"

8. "Phone? Oh I was checking my Wall St. investments to see how much more I could donate to the PBA."

7. "Sorry my damn husband was texting me. He's on a beach all alone and wants me to bring him more sunscreen."

6. "I know, I should have finished my nasty email to Black Lives Matter before pulling out of that parking lot, I know."

5. "I wasn't texting. It's just my GPS feature. Trying to get to Mendham? You know? Mendham? Where certain important people live? Come on, don't make me say it."

4. "No sir I wasn't using my phone. Another annoying Phil Murphy pop-up ad came in and I was just trying to throw it out the window."

3. "Sorry officer, my phone said there's supposed to be a Men's Big & Tall here, my husband's due in D.C. tomorrow to get turned down for another job, it's this whole big thing."

2. "I'll let you scroll through my photos if you let me scroll through yours."

1. "Please, my husband's gonna kill me if you give me a ticket. He always said, 'GET THE HELL...OFF...THE PHONE!'"

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