The Elmora Youth Little league team from Elizabeth, NJ beat the team from Haverstraw, NY 19-4 to advance to the Little League World Series which begins Thursday in Williamsport PA. It's the greatest team since Todd Frazier led Toms River to the World Series title at the age of 12. Turns out Frazier, who's been keeping track of Elmore and retweeting their messages was actually the inspiration for this year's team.

According to the New York Post, "Elmora Youth Little League manager Jairo Labrador told The Post that it was Frazier’s exploits back in 1998 — leading Toms River (NJ) to the Little League World Series title — that inspired Elizabeth (NJ) to form Elmora, which was chartered the very next year."

"Wow. That’s pretty cool,” Frazier told The Post. “Ah, it makes me feel good. It’s very humbling. You never know who you’re going to inspire everyday no matter how old or young you are.”

Frazier, now a Mets third basemen says he's hopes for the best and hopes to talk to the team before a game, telling The Post he's humbled and takes making an impression very seriously.

"And you never know who’s going to come to the ballpark; that’s why you’ve got to try to play this game understanding that it could be this kid’s first day watching this game," Frazier told the Post. "Make an impression. That’s the biggest thing you can do. Try and smile, whether you get out or you hit a home run. Make a kid’s day. You don’t even have to talk to him; just by seeing how you act on the field, how you go about your business."

Hopefully these future champions follow Frazier's example should they one day make it to the major leagues.

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