With Thanksgiving around the corner, Americans are poised to consume approximately 46 million turkeys on that ONE DAY.

There's no shortage of turkeys of course, the poultry industry is alive and well, millions of turkeys, billions of chickens, capitalism works. Here's what doesn't work: stupid regulations preventing New Jerseyans from killing wild turkeys, which have become a total problem in some of our neighborhoods.

Limited hunting season, cost prohibitive licensing. How about every year, two weeks before Thanksgiving, we have a #TurkeyPurge. Just like the movie, no consequences, no licensing, just get out there and grab a bird. I can see homeless shelters and Thanksgiving tables full of wild birds killed on the hunt. I can see a day when Major League All Star Todd Frazier doesn't have to whine on Twitter about the menacing fowl.

It's ridiculous that local officials can't act. It's even crazier that we are debating whether or not to expand a hunting season for yet another animal that seems to be held in a higher regard than the property they are damaging. Maybe if Ben Franklin got his way (at least according to private correspondence) and the Turkey were the official animal of the United States, we'd be eating Bald Eagle for holiday celebrations and protecting the turkey, but this is clearly not the case.

Can we stop letting a handful of animal rights activists make our neighborhoods a mess? While we're on the subject, who's ready to do something about the Canada Geese?

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