One thing you really shouldn't do, especially if you're in the public eye, is block people with whom you disagree.

You may have heard about or watched the Twitter exchange with Mets Third Baseman Todd Frazier. Clearly Todd didn't have many, if any facts about the Toms River ballot question that passed and will now hike taxes for residents. But that didn't stop him from going on a tirade and attacking me personally.

Of course, my response to haters on Twitter is to make light of it and sometimes correct grammar. As bad as the grammar and spelling were in the tweets, I decided instead to treat Todd with the respect of an accomplished athlete and hometown guy and talk facts about the issue. His response after a torrent of hostile tweet? He blocked the station on Twitter!

Todd Frazier Twitter block


The most listened to radio station in New Jersey and our hometown Mets player blocked us. It would be nice to have a celebrity from Jersey who actually understood the plight of middle and working class people and the affordability crisis they are facing.

But at the very least, even if we disagree, have the maturity to be open to someone else's opinion.

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