Tipping in New Jersey, and the out-of-control nature of today's tip culture. You can't blame anyone for refusing to leave a tip nowadays.

Yes, we do see them. Those tip jars that are on the counters by the register. Some places have always had them, but now those jars are found literally everywhere.

And oftentimes, they're filled with cash. It's not that tons of customers are leaving tips, but rather it's filled just to make it look like people have been tipping.

Some establishments might not like this being said, but some of them do it on purpose. The idea is to make the jars look like customers have been tipping in order to get you to feel obligated to leave a tip.

Think about it. Would you likely leave a tip in a jar if it was completely empty? Probably not. And that's why some pre-fill it.

No tipping

It's honestly a smart strategy. Unfortunately, those businesses that have no reason for a tip jar in the first place are also putting one out, and New Jerseyans are sick and tired of it.

Almost everyone now feels entitled to receive a tip, even if no extra service was provided. And it's really been a problem ever since we got out of the pandemic.

The reason I don't think it was an issue during the pandemic is simply because of the situation we were in. Back then, those who had to be out and about absolutely should've been tipped more.

I'd even give a pass to some who traditionally don't get tipped. But that was then, and this is now.

Cheap / forced tip (tipping)

Even beyond those tip jars is the added element of digital tipping. And when it comes to digital, requests for tips get even more out of hand.

First off, there's the pre-tip, which is typically found on websites or apps. Essentially, we're expected to leave a tip even before any service is provided.

Or, we're asked to leave a tip when it's not even for something that's warranted. And oftentimes, they make it difficult to not leave a tip by making that option complicated.

Tipping / Leaving a tip / No assistance

Then there's the tip prompt when you're just paying for something at the register. Rather than ask if you'd like to leave a tip, it asks how much you'd like to leave.

The list goes on and on regarding how out of whack today's tip culture is, but you get the idea. And it's the very reason why people from New Jersey and beyond have had enough and aren't tipping anymore.

Unfortunately, some of the wrong people are also being clumped into that. And all you have to do is just ask those individuals and they'll tell you.

Couple ordering from a waitress in restaurant

Restaurant servers, bartenders, and service staff of the like that rely on tips as part of their salary are unfortunately on the backlash end of today's tip culture.

It's not that tips aren't being left. Instead, tips that are being left are smaller than they used to be.

Combine that with the rising costs of everything and all the other businesses that seemingly guilt us into tipping, and it's no wonder the wrong people are suffering as a result.

I've spoken to a few servers in The Garden State who confirm tips have been trending on the smaller side. It's a shame too because they're not the reason for this crazy tipping nonsense that has gripped the nation.


Yes, it's OK to be against tipping when it's not warranted, but please make sure you don't punish the wrong people. Wait staff, bartenders, and anyone who provides a specialized service for you should still be tipped for what their service is worth.

As for those apps and checkout screens that try and pressure you into leaving a tip, that's a different story. The same goes for places that put out tip jars but have no business asking for tips in the first place.

Those are the ones we should be bypassing, not the service workers. Please keep that in mind the next time someone provides an extra service for you.

No tipping

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