High School should be a preparation for the world, not for college. College is an extension of education for students, which can be incredibly valuable. The challenge is that why is every kid put in the same bucket with an expectation that not going to college is somehow a negative?

How many stories have you heard of the wealthiest people in America also having the distinction of being a college drop out? How many stories have you heard about high school grads foregoing the massive debt of college and going to a trade school? So many happy and successful people in our community earning a solid living without a college degree.

Why not offer college as an equal choice along with trade schools and certifications? Why not show the overall financial picture of a kid earning a higher salary perhaps coming out of college, but being saddled with debt?

Studies often compare salaries and say college grads tend to earn more, but they leave out the problem of long term debt. Instead of a student being told they don't qualify for certain colleges, how about the positive of telling them that they wouldn't want it in the first place?

We should be preparing kids for life coming out of high school not just for more education.

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