Budget shortfalls, delayed trains, canceled routes...that's our NJ Transit system in a nutshell.

This week commuters have to deal with another problem...higher fares and reduced service! That's right, pay more to get less. It's outrageous. What event worse is the arrogant and dismissive attitude of some on the NJ Transit board regarding the 3,500-4,000 commuters who will likely stop riding due to the increased cost. $40 more a month for a monthly train pass between Trenton and NYC. Maybe $40 isn't much to an overpaid government appointee, but to average working New Jerseyans, it's real money that adds up.

Cities like Hong Kong and Tokyo have rails and subways ruining efficiently, on-time and earning profits. The reason? Private companies run the rails. It's time to get government out of transit. In 2007 the main train line in Tokyo between several major cities had an average delay of...18 seconds! Can you even imagine a New Jersey where train delays were measured in seconds? Only the efficiency and accountability of the free market can fix what ails NJ Transit. I wonder if there are any politicians in Trenton with the courage to propose such a long overdue solution?

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