Time and again we hear of crimes against innocent people walking down the street. A recent string of muggings in Queens had me thinking about the safety — or lack of safety — on our own streets, specifically Camden, Newark, Trenton and Paterson.

On Wednesday, I had a conversation with a father in Camden who won't let his kids play outside for fear of gang and drug violence.  How do we take back our streets? Budget constraints will only allow so many police officers to be deployed at any given time and place. Other states have had tremendous success with concealed carry laws, allowing young women — and any pedestrian who qualifies for that matter — to carry a firearm and protect themselves.

Sexual violence plummeted in the years following the passing of legislation in Florida.  Concealed carry permit holders are actually less likely to commit a gun offense than law enforcement members, according to a study done in Texas and Florida.

Gov. Phil Murphy is spending a lot of time pandering to the radical left, advocating increasing gun control among law-abiding citizens. This, despite the fact that NJ has some of the strictest gun control in America. He and his radical cohorts like Sen. Cory Booker pretend that this is a non-partisan issue and every reasonable person agrees. They cite inconclusive and flawed research by agenda-driven professors. They conveniently leave out FBI reports about active shooters stopped by armed citizens. Are they conformable leaving young women to fend for themselves, unarmed and fearful of the next attack?

This is pure agenda politics from two men who clearly have some kind of national ambition. Here's the bottom line. Conducting background checks, confirming mental stability and providing proper training are all critical ideas. But to purposefully prevent women from being able to afford themselves the basic right to protect themselves is criminal and has to stop.

A firearm can be the great equalizer for a women under attack from a larger, male assailant focused on causing her harm. Remember Carol Bowne? Who is speaking for her and the countless other victims and women currently living in fear?

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