I'm waiting for the day when Giants owner John Mara comes home to find a boiled rabbit in his kitchen. It seems ever since Odell Beckham Jr. was traded to the Cleveland Browns, he's done nothing but trash his former team. The latest coming in a tweet from Complex Sports, where Odell claims the Giants had better offers for him from than Cleveland but they "sent him there to die."

The Giants actually traded the wide receiver to the Browns for their first and third round picks in the 2019 draft and starting safety Jabrill Peppers. Odell is also getting help trashing the G-Men from his new quarterback Baker Mayfield, who's trashing Giants quarterback Daniel Jones whom New York took with the 6th pick.

Why would Mayfield care who the Giants took if not to kiss up to his new receiver. Maybe one day Odell will start crying, "That's my quarterback."

Apparently the door is hitting Odell in the rear on the way out. Let's not forget last month when Beckham told us he was the reason the Giants brand was being kept alive.

Eli Manning's responded to that on the NFL Network telling Kurt Warner, "I won a few games before he was here." You can include two Super Bowls in there.

As for Beckham, he's still working on his first, right after he gets over his "hip injury" that's keeping him from playing in the pre season. And so it begins...better that it should end.

Funny how you never hear a word about Odell Beckham from the Giants unless it's to respond to comments he's made about them. They've moved on and Beckham should too. Like John Lennon sang in "Mind Games," "You gotta let it go." The only "Mind Games" being played now are by Odell Beckham Jr. That's because the Giants are still in his head.

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