When the Giants traded Odell Beckham Jr. to Cleveland for three players, it was not the first time the two teams made such a deal. Back in the sixties, much like now, the Giants were in a tailspin. They had lost three straight NFL championship games in 1961,62 and 63. They bottomed out in 1964 with a 2-10-2 record, but boasted a new receiver from Texas Southern named Homer Jones who could outrun everybody.

Giants fans wanted them to throw up a bomb to Homer on every down and he rarely disappointed them. In fact, it was Homer Jones who invented "the spike." On Jan 27, 1970, the Giants traded Jones to Cleveland for 3 players. Running back Ron Johnson, defensive tackle Jim Kanicki, and linebacker Wayne Meylan.

It turned out to be a good trade for New York, as Kanicki went on to start on the 1970 defensive line that boasted Fred Dryer who would go on to the Los Angeles Rams and then become 80's detective "Hunter" Meylan fizzled out, but Ron Johnson from Michigan would go on to become the first Giants running back to rush for 1,000 yards in 1970 with 1,027 yards on 263 carries as the Giants went from 6-8 in 1969 to 9-5 in 1970.

Jones first game with the Browns was pretty much his career in Cleveland. In the very first Monday Night Football game ever on Sept 21, 1970 at Cleveland's Municipal stadium. Jones returned the second-half kickoff against the New York Jets for a touchdown. The Browns' would go on to beat the Jets 31-21.

Unfortunately that touchdown would be the highlight of Jones one season with the Browns as knee injuries soon caught up with Jones. Soon after being traded to the St. Louis Cardinals in July 1971, he was forced to retire at age 29.

What becomes of the OBJ trade will be determined by who the Giants take with the 17th pick in the draft, who they draft third round and how safety Jabrill Peppers performs at safety. If they turn out as good as the Homer Jones haul, which brought a 1,000 yard rusher and a starting defensive lineman, then they should be okay.

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