Pizza Hut is debuting it's new "Detroit Pizza" with a rectangular crust that's popular in the Motor City. We already have a Chicago Pizza which is more of a deep dish. Then there's the New York pizza which simply isn't as good as a Jersey pizza. But the problem is, there is no national "Jersey" pizza.

I say we make one and if one of those national chains is smart in the middle of this pandemic pizza war they show the country and the world how great a Jersey pizza is. So what should such a pizza be?

First off, it would have to be made of Jersey tomato sauce, which would automatically set it apart from the rest. Fresh mozzarella, which for me totally represents Jersey and a thin crust. I'm thinking like Carmen's Pete and Elda's in Neptune or the old Christina's in Union City, where they used cornmeal in the dough to give it that special taste. I can see the pizza now sitting on that silver pedestal tray that can also be put in the box.

Of course, you can have other Jersey toppings on your pizza. Personally I'd try prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and roasted pepper on your pizza with fresh basil. Perhaps a "breakfast pizza" with Taylor Ham, egg and cheese sitting on a ketchup like sauce. Put that on your McMuffin!

Here are some other suggestions I got a while back on my Facebook page that would work well on a Jersey pizza. As long as it doesn't smell like Exit 13, I'm in!

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