Not sure what we mean by "West Jersey"? Check out my analysis and map HERE.

(NJ map - Google Maps / Canva)
(NJ map - Google Maps / Canva)

The divide is geographical with the towns in NJ either closer to the Delaware River than the Atlantic Ocean or as in the case of Atlantic and Cape May counties, cultural affiliation closer to Philadelphia than New York.

If you say "I'm headed to the city" and you mean Philly, you live in West Jersey.

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Philadelphia on the Map

If "the city" is New York, you live in East Jersey.


Sussex County is an exception to the City Rule, but given the proximity to Pennsylvania and the Delaware Water Gap, it's West.

So here you go West Jersyans, your best place for a great pizza.

Fedora Bistro Cafe & Pizza in Lawrenceville

Kate and Al's at the Columbus Market in Columbus

Enzo Pizzeria & Pasta Grill in Washington

Mario & Franks II in Fieldsboro

Bricco Coal Fired Pizza in Cherry Hill

Varsity Pizza in Lawrenceville

Riviera Pizza in Medford Lakes

De Lorenzo’s in Robbinsville

Riccardo's Pizza & Italian Restaurant in Browns Mills

If you're into homemade pizza, my friend Dennis Malloy has a recipe for you.

Dennis Malloy's easy, delicious homemade Jersey fresh pizza

Growing up my mother made homemade pizza every Friday night, without fail.

Gallery Credit: Dennis Malloy

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