Pot, politicians, and speed limits were at the forefront of our conversation this morning. Today Heidi Cruz cancelled because of my father's Facebook post. Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon calls for an increase in speed limits. We also had Roger Stone and Chris Haan call in to discuss Jersey's pivotal role in the presidential primaries.

 NJ Primary may be relevant in choosing the Presidential Candidate

NY Times best-selling author, Roger Stone and unapologetic progressive and syndicated radio host, Christopher Haan weighed in on both sides of the political primaries.

Roger Stone determines Trump will take the GOP candidacy and by the time the primary comes to NJ, Trump will have even stronger results that in New York. Stone also gives an idea to who he thinks may be a running mate for Trump.

Chris Haan talks to Bill Spadea about how much different the Democratic Primary race could look by the time it gets to New Jersey. Haan also mentions the possibIlity of Hillary taking the win over Bernie Sanders way before it gets to the super delegates. Haan expects that we will see a toned-down Sanders from here on out.

Declan O’Scanlon fighting for common sense for NJ drivers

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon slayed the red light cameras first, now his focus is on raising the speed limit in NJ. “It is time to start treating NJ drivers with the common sense and reasonability they deserve,” says O’Scanlon. Find out how O’Scanlon would plan to increase the speed limit in the YouTube video below and hear what he has to say about legalizing marijuana.

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