That's right, enough of the arbitrary nature of NJ speed limits.

Why is the speed limit the same in the morning as it is in the middle of the night? Why is there not and off-commuting hour tolerance? We have school zone speed limits already in place yet lawmakers still feel the need to impose greater restrictions. And the latest effort could have a very serious negative impact.

The sad reality in NJ and the rest of the nation have seen an increase in pedestrian deaths. How about we take a page out of New York City and embrace technology? Speed cameras are used in the city to reduce speed and increase safety around NYC public schools. And it works.

It's time for NJ to step up and actually do something about pedestrian deaths. Let's start with speed cameras in school zones. Then let's increase the speed limit on all NJ roads after hours. Why can't you drive a little faster without fear of a ticket in the middle of the night? Speed cameras catching speeders allowing for an automatically generated fine, like EZPass will be hard to swallow for many New Jerseyans for sure. But how many more pedestrian deaths and useless laws are we willing to tolerate before we do something about it?

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