The start of the week was fueled with politics. As we begin to get closer to the NJ Primary, politics is getting more contentious. Today’s discussion was surrounded by political battles in Middletown High School, NJ primary and treadmill desks. This morning’s conversation was hot and heated.

Walk on a treadmill and type at the same time? Bad Idea!

The newest thing in offices is to stand on a treadmill and walk while you are working on your computer. I would have never allowed this to happen. People are so distracted with a million other things. You don’t need one more distraction. Instead we should get a little more of compartmentalization. I’m a big backer of standup desks, but I can’t believe this is a trend. It’s a bad idea!

 I can see it now, someone falling and hitting their head. That’s a lawsuit. Do the benefits outweigh the potential of an employer getting sued?

What bizarre thing do you do at your desk to pass the time?  Listen to my full anti-treadmill desk rant below.

Middletown High School Teacher forced to resign

Today's show was all about individuals finding their voice. Is comedy reflective of real life? Some school administrators think so. Middletown High School teacher, Joseph Ventre, is being forced to resign after showing an HBO video clip of comedian John Oliver making fun of leading presidential candidate Donald Trump. I like that Trump is a wrecking ball to political correctness and the establishments.

I spent Sunday night at Vinny Brand's Stress Factory Comedy Club. Most comics there were from SNL and they were ripping on Trump. Trump makes it easy. Between the hair and his style, he's a walking sound bite.

Many callers flooded the lines today in support of Ventre.

“We want the equality of the educator, come on let’s face it the whole election was satire. I will be fine on both sides. My kids should be exposed to everything. One parent should not be the deciding factor to get the teacher out,” says caller Lynn.

NJ Matters in Primary Election

A collusion to stop Trump is only helping energize his supporters. "Members of his own party are publicly colluding to derail him," says Eric Scott. Greater numbers should be expected, prior to the convention.

There is a possibility NJ is going to put Trump over the top. Hillary will get enough delegates for the election. I think it has been a very open contest.  Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump should get credit for putting major issues on the front page. I am eager to see what transpires in the NJ primary. Listen to the full conversation I had with Eric Scott on Ohio Governor Kasich and Governor Ted Cruz collusion to stop Trump.

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