If you can protest the National Anthem at a football game, then why can you not honor the police at the same game?

The American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to Middletown High School officials condemning their ceremony honoring law enforcement before a shore conference game last Friday night. It seems the ACLU has a problem with comments made by Middletown Deputy Police Chief Steven Dollinger, who organized the event, saying the event was in response to those pro athletes who have taken a knee during the anthem.

So what if it were?

The ACLU writes to the district "As initially described, the event appeared to honor police officers, veterans, service members, and first responders," according to several press reports of its statement. "However, the event is being used to intimidate and ostracize people who express their views about systemic racism and social just."

I don't see any intimidation here. Is the ACLU now the thought police? I see more danger in that.

I see more intimidation when a Camden High School football coach takes a knee because he has power over his players and could influence their playing time and scholarship possibilities.

The letter also says "Law enforcement officers are sworn to protect the Constitution, and it is a disservice to the students and players that an event that should focus on them, their families, and their communities is being used to send a message that people who express concerns about disparities in the criminal justice system are unwelcome, disloyal or unpatriotic."

I'm sorry, how much is the event focusing on those families and players when high school coaches and athletes take a knee?

I simply see a ceremony honoring law enforcement, military and first responders. Those same people who are sworn to protect the constitution who will also protect those kneeling at the games.  Those same police in Dallas lost their lives doing just that. I have no problem honoring them at any time and any place.

I don't think there's ever going to come a point where everyone will stand for the National Anthem again. I also don't dispute that there are good and bad in ever profession, including police. Having said that, I think if it's no problem to demonstrate your displeasure with the police, it should also be no problem for others to honor them.

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