We discussed some tough topics on today's show. From speaking with Assemblyman Reed Gusciora on his measure to make a third DUI a crime, to talking  about how NJ voters can make a difference in this state. Today's show was definitely about changing the landscape in the Garden State.

How voters can change the NJ political structure 

Tired of incumbent politicians? Well contrary to popular belief, there is something that we can do to change the political landscape. We can go out and VOTE! Every NJ voter has the power to help decide who the person in your district will be. Instead of throwing up your hands and being fed up with the "same ole politicians," get involved and vote!

Listen to what I had to say about New Jersey voters in the video below.



Assemblyman Gusciora outlines a plan to take action on 3rd time offenses for DUI's

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora joined me this morning to talk about the measure he is working on that would make a 3rd time offense for a DUI a crime. 

The current law now states that a 3rd DUI is illegal and a driving offense but not a crime. Under Gusciora's measure, a driver could spend up to a year in jail for the crime. Gusciora stated "It would send a message that drunken driving enforcement needs to be stepped up. If you're a third time convicted driver, you should be treated as a felon."

Listen to the full interview with Assemblyman Gusciora in the YouTube clip below.


Drunk driving can happen to any one of us

A listener named Linda called in and told me a really rough story that should be a wake up call for every NJ driver. A DUI can happen to anyone. Think it can't happen to you? Think again. That's what Karen thought too.

Linda was unfortunately given a DUI a few years back. Linda said that she was out with friends and didn't eat before having a mixed drink. Then before she left the venue, she did a shot with her group. That ultimately lead to her downfall.

While Linda said that she learned her lesson and there would not be a secondary mistake, Linda said she was horrified at what she learned about other drunk drivers in NJ. Linda told me "I was outraged with the amount of repeat offenders in that class. I said 'oh my God are you serious?'"

Listen to Linda's story below.

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