From ballpark food to the minimum wage hike, today's show definitely had a wide appeal. I recapped my fantastic night at the Trenton Thunder game with the Thunder's General Manager Jeff Hurley. We also had Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon on to discuss the insanity that would take place if the minimum wage hike goes up to $15 per hour in New Jersey. My listeners were very fired up over my thoughts on lowering the drinking age to 18.

Assemblyman O'Scanlon warns of the effects of a minimum wage hike

Think the minimum wage hike would just affect small business owners? Wrong! There's a whole aspect of the proposed $15 minimum wage hike that no one is even talking about.
Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon joined me this morning to discuss how the proposed wage hike would be near catastrophic to the state budget.

Assemblyman O'Scanlon explained how frightening it would be when he stated "Virtually every single dime that's coming in is going to three categories. That's pensions health benefits and our debt service. There's no money left for anything else. And this wage proposal, as wonderful as some people think it sounds, and we could certainly debate the merits of it and the impact on the private sector, on our state budget it is going to be incredible. And we're not talking ten of millions, we're talking hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly more than half a billion dollars. It's scary."

Listen to Assemblyman O'Scanlon and I talk about the frightening affects of this proposal in the clip below.


Want some great food? Head for a New Jersey ballpark!

If you're looking for some creative food and want to have a great night out with the family, you need to head over to a New Jersey ballpark. We have some great minor league teams in the state and it is a great night of fun for young and old.

I threw out the first pitch at the Trenton Thunder last night and that was just the start of the fun! I jumped into the broadcast booth and we had some of the most creative, amazing food you could ask for!

I caught up this morning with the Thunder General Manager Jeff Hurley to talk about some of the fun. Listen to our recap and what Jeff thought about my first pitch  in the YouTube clip below.

Take the burden off the communities and lower the drinking age to 18!

I've talked about it before on my show but today the callers seemed to be really passionate about how they feel about lowering the drinking age. We received a bunch of great opinions on both sides of the aisle as to why we should or shouldn't lower the drinking age.

I gave 3 reasons as to why I think this needs to happen, including taking the burden off ot he communities and educating kids as to how they can drink responsibly instead of hiding in the shadows.

Listen to my full reasoning for lowering the drinking age in the video below.

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