Terrorism back on the front page. This time a savage attack against children attending a concert in England. I spent some time on the air this morning discussing how to react and what to do going forward.

A few thoughts immediately came to mind. First, do not spend time changing your social media profile pics and creating a new hashtag about standing with the victims. It seems with every new attack there's a new flag background for people to add to their social media profile. Many people will take to social media and cry over the attacks, sending "thoughts and prayers" to the victims and their families. You'll hear me talk about the power of faith and prayer for sure, but today is not a day for tears. Today is a day to hold people accountable. Today is a day for anger, not sadness. Sadness and tears won't bring back the children slaughtered by radical Islam. Anger however just may just lead to accountability and action that might stop the next attack. Are you angry? I am.

I'm angry that children are dying and the forces of political correctness choose negative labels like racist and bigot instead of recognizing the problem of radical Islam.

I'm angry that so many politicians like Sens. Cory Booker and Bob Menendez continue to pay lip service to security issues for sound bites instead of solutions.

I'm angry that we have a governor who would rather see teachers laid off and road crews out of work than sacrifice an opportunity to line the pockets of his politically connected friends. Oh, OK, that one has nothing to do with terrorism, but still, the lack of priorities and accountability in this governor's administration is appalling. Can we be sure he's truly prepared to use the power of government to protect the people he's elected to serve?

Here's the good news. We have one of the strongest, bravest and best trained police force in the nation. Our NJ State Troopers and local police are ready, willing and able to step up and fight for us.

Despite the constant barrage of negativity from politicians and media; despite having to defend every nickle of salary and pension; despite having to take risks and make decisions that the rest of us take for granted when we call 911.

Our men and women in uniform are capable, vigilant and determined to keep New Jersey safe. And you can help. I spoke to PBS President Pat Colligan earlier today on the show and he reaffirmed the incredibly important role of the public in thwarting terror plots. Be aware. Know your neighborhood. Report anything you think is way out of the ordinary. Don't fear the labels and accusations. Stand up for your family and your community. We need to move beyond fear and sadness. Get angry. Expect more from the people you elect. Or throw 'em out. There's an election around the corner.

See the moment we learned about the attack during Ask The Governor:

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