You'd never know from the regular media talking heads that there was another side to the refugee and sanctuary city debate.

Most of what you hear on radio and TV and across the internet is that anyone standing in the way of refugees and illegal immigrants will be labeled an intolerant bigot. Even the supporters of sanctuary cities and opening the doors to any and all refugees who are not name calling agitators are a part of what I've called the "Emotional Left." They ignore facts about terrorism and crime and simply rely on pulling the heartstrings of the public through individual stories of sadness and struggle among families looking to get out of harms way.

The opposition is so intense that some have even used the President's recent airstrikes as a cause of the need to "rescue" people. Of course that ignores decades of modern violence and murder at the hands of Islamic terrorists and oppressive dictators. On the show this morning I had the honor to speak with a courageous elected official, the mayor of Montvale New Jersey. Mayor Mike Ghassali is from Syria and was a refugee himself escaping war torn Aleppo in the 1980s.

He's proud of the diverse community that elected him in Montvale. He's proud to be an American. And he's strong in his conviction to uphold the law and respect the laws that have been established to protect our citizens from foreign terrorists and criminals. He's got every reason to be on the emotional side of the argument and join the "let everyone in" crowd. But he's a man of conviction and courage and sees the bigger picture of his role as a leader and law abiding American.

I'm proud to know Mayor Mike Ghassali and will continue to tell his story. One of the interesting things to come out of our conversation today was the fact that the pressure to accept refugees and turn Montvale into a sanctuary city is coming from outside groups, not his constituents. No shock there. The professional agitators and apologists for terror on the extreme Left in the U.S. are the true dividers. Brave men like Mayor Ghassili and President Trump are the ones working toward actual solutions.

This is not about winning an emotional argument, this is about protecting the interests of the United States and all our citizens. #StandWithMike.

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