Employees are getting the chance to work their legs while they work the numbers.

Gerald Abel/Bass Photo Co. (Courtesy of Eli Lilly and Company)
Gerald Abel/Bass Photo Co. (Courtesy of Eli Lilly and Company)

Treadmill desks - treadmill below and workstation above - have been popping up in workplaces across the country, including New Jersey, designed to give employees a break from the sedentary lifestyle.

"Walking stations" are currently in place at both New Jersey locations of global pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly.

"One common use is for our employees to take conference calls on their mobile phones while also getting their workouts on the stations," said company spokeswoman Janice Chavers. "You also will see other employees typing as they return emails and work on other projects."

Chavers said the stations "allow people to get some much needed fitness during the day" and help alleviate stress as physical activity is known to do.

According to treadmill desk manufacturer InMovement, headquartered in Illinois, the product's popularity has spiked over the past year or so. General Manager Dan Wille said treadmill desks are attractive to employers and employees because they provide just the right amount of physical activity during the workday.

"It's at a slow walking pace; it's not working out, it's not sweating," Wille said. "People will be on the tread desk for as long as 45 minutes and they don't even know it."

Wille noted some companies have a couple of these treadmill desks next to one another, or gathered in one room, so employees can conduct "treadmill meetings."

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