Recently, a list was released that ranked the 10 Fattest Counties in New Jersey


Read the list to find out which county has the highest percentages of obese adults living in it.

1. Cumberland County

33.4% of the adults living in Cumberland County are obese.

2. Salem County

32.8% of obese adults living in Salem County are obese.

3. Gloucester County

28.2% of adults living in Gloucester County are obese.

4. Camden County

27.5% of the adults living in Camden County are obese.

5. Burlington County

27.1% of the adults living in Burlington County are obese.

6. Atlantic County

27% of the adults living in Atlantic County are obese.

7. Ocean County

26.4% of adults living in Ocean County are obese.

8. Essex County

25.9% of adults living in Essex County are obese.

9. Sussex County

25.8% of adults living in Sussex County.

10. Warren County

25.6% of adults living in Warren County are obese.

What is your reaction to this list? Do you live in one of these counties? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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