It was quite and eclectic group of topics this morning. We covered a mixture of funny and serious topics ranging from which paint dries best, to how safe the township of Barnegat is with an escaped convict on the loose. I had a bit of a problem trying to learn a new way to keep online passwords. We were also joined by Comedy Central's Dan Naturman. Today was definitely a diverse show.

Which paint dries the best? Yep that was a topic!

Yesterday after we debated over fish, I received the text below from a listener named Chris.

This just proves that EVERYTHING is up for discussion on the show! I kicked off the show this morning by talking about Chris' text. Eric Scott and I debated what paint dries best. before you know it, we had a bunch of callers wanting to tell me which paints or methods they thought worked best as well!

I even received a call from Chris, the originator of the Tweet, who could not believe that we made this into a topic.

After I spoke with Chris, he Tweeted this out:

A little bit later on, we switched gears to discuss a much more serious topic. I spoke with Eric Scott about what safety measures Barnegat is taking to protect themselves while the manhunt for Arthur Buckel, who escaped from the Bayside State Prison's Ancora unit, continues.

Watch the segment below.


I returned to the discussion about my weird methods for remembering passwords.  Mark from Princeton attempted to call in and help me with a method that he thought would make it easier for me. Well, it only made things WAY worse and left me quite frazzled. Watch what happened when Mark called in below.

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