We wrapped up the week by celebrating #FossilFuelAppreciationDay. Today we discussed another unfunded mandate by Trenton that was shut down. We even had police officers weigh in on both sides of the police camera debate. Don't forget about the #BlueFriday officers that left a lasting impression. Today was a great way to end the week.

Unfunded Mandate from Trenton Shut Down

The Council on Local Mandate recently shot down the notion of police body cameras and vehicle cameras. Both sides of the story were heard on today’s morning show. Although many say the cameras depict the integrity of a police officer, the financial burden and privacy issues come at a cost.

When you have a camera that costs anywhere from $500 dollars to $2,500 dollars, expected electronic malfunction will add an extra expense. We are going down a dangerous road. I do not want to pay any extra tax for this! Millions of arrests happen every year; there are few instances individuals complain about cops.

We even had, NJ PBA President Pat Colligan call in to discuss the expense of police cameras.  Police officers weighed in on the detrimental and instrumental side of having cameras.


Paper is a commodity in today’s world. We have as many trees as we had 100 years ago. Capitalism works! Today, I will drive a couple extra miles and print out all my emails. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. So ridiculous! The paper companies have done more for the planet than the last 100 years. The more paper you consume, the more trees you will have. It’s just common sense. Guess what you are all using it!

“Environmentalism is a good cause, yet way out of hand. I don’t believe in the environmentalist movement,” says caller Dennis from Asbury. What do you think? How will you celebrate #FossilFuelAppreciationDay ? Cast your vote on the poll below.

#BlueFriday officer’s Leave an impression after 14 years

Jersey City police officer’s Vincent Cooke and Joseph Sarao left a lasting impression on Sophia Rutigluano. After 14 years, Rutigluano remembers what she calls the “worst days” of her life.  She experienced bruising and scarring, all while being with her one year old daughter at the time. Although, Rutigluano was left with permanent scarring and injuries as a result of the attack, her daughter and her experienced kind gestures from Officers Cooke and Sarao. With no money on hand after being driven to the precinct, her daughter wanted cheese doodles. Officer Cooke walked over and bought her daughter the cheese doodles.

In light of all of the horrific things that went on that day, the little girl experienced a nice act of kindness of buying cheese doodles from Officer Cooke and Officer Sarao. It’s the little things that matter. A kind gesture that went along way is why we are recognizing Jersey City police officers’ Cooke and Sarao today as our #BlueFriday honorees.

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