You remember The Dress and all the arguments among friends it created. Which color it was depended on who looked at it.

Now meet The Shoe.

This shoe has been around awhile but it has blown up the last few days when an NBC affiliate station out of Syracuse, New York shared the picture on Twitter. Now I'm seeing it all over Facebook. Just like The Dress, people are arguing.

Look at the shoe. Are you seeing gray with green laces, or pink with white laces? One version of this I saw on Facebook claimed if you see pink and white you are right brain dominant. If you see gray and green you are left brain dominant.

In an online poll, 69% said they saw it as gray and green and 31% as pink and white. We tried it here at work. Bill Doyle, Joe Votruba, Dan Tantillo and I all saw it as gray and green. The only one who saw it as pink and white was Kylie Moore. Let us know what you see in our poll.

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