My wife asked me to pick up a card for a baby shower she was attending this weekend. Mind you I was not in an official greeting card store like a Hallmark. I was just in a drugstore’s card section where the selection usually isn’t that extensive. Yet the first card I saw in the baby section was this one.

Cool baby card
Jeff Deminski photo

It was for a lesbian couple. Mom + Mom + baby. Moving on the next one I came across was similar except for two dads. I finally found a card for a heterosexual married couple expecting their first child.

This made me smile. I thought of the occasional uptight priss who would get angry and judgmental over such a card. I thought it was nice couples like this were finally having things made for them. It reminded me how for years when I would look for a birthday card for my stepfather I usually could never find one. It’s finally gotten easier but there was a time card companies didn’t think about such niche market opportunities.

Today I’m even seeing cards to and from animals. To my fur baby on Christmas. How do they know their dog is Christian? A few years back I saw cards for Mother’s Day that read To my father on Mother’s Day. I have to admit, this is one I got old fashioned on. Suddenly I was the uptight priss. I had custody of my daughter and son since they were 3 and 5 years old. I was a single father raising a boy and a girl at the time I saw this card. I have to admit while I get the premise, sometimes one parent is both father and mother to their kids, I would have been put off by receiving a Mother’s Day card. Since there’s a Father’s Day that could cover it nicely.

But hey, to each his own. And hers. I’ll try not to judge.

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