We all knew this was coming, what with the radicalization of the Democratic Party, but who knew that it could be just around the corner? During his annual state of the city address Tuesday night, Ras Baraka, mayor of Newark, NJ’s largest city, said the city is going to study a pilot program to provide a universal basic income which would basically guarantee income for all residents whether or not they have a job.

While it’s true that that a third of the city still lives in poverty, Baraka was short on details.

For instance, he didn't release any more details on the plan, like how it would be funded or when a final decision would be made. Still, the city has launched a taskforce to see if the program is feasible. This is not a new idea. UBI has been tested in other countries and has always failed. Because struggles and poverty or not, the nature of human beings is they they need motivation and goals to be successful in life. And a paycheck for doing nothing saps you of that motivation. You want to create a nation of lazy, spoiled, entitled residents who are chronically disillusioned? Give 'em a paycheck for doing nothing.

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