Got a call on the show this morning from Nancy who owns with her husband Ramy, ANS Plastics in New Brunswick. It was among my favorite calls. I was happy Nancy stayed on hold through the long commercial and news break to speak with me.
The company has been hurt by the misguided NJ ban on plastic bags but they are able to sell product to the sane states that recognize EVERYTHING in the store is wrapped in plastic, so keep the bags.
ban reusable bags plastic back during coronavirus COVID-19 emergency
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I've written about this for the past few months discussing the absurdity of a plastic bag ban and the coming harm to the environment posed by the reusable bags.
Now that I think about it, I've been writing about this for the past two years... Wait four years! 
On Wednesday of this week, my wife Jodi and I will be touring this outstanding NJ business.  A business that has been damaged by unnecessary, virtue-signaling policies that cause harm and I challenge anyone to find the good in these laws. For us, we will be customizing the bags for my new podcast and group.
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Yes, I realize that the QR code has my face on it so there will be people picking up after their dogs with my face on the bag. That's OK with me! Get the bags and get back to normal! In the meantime, order your bags and support this great NJ small business!
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