The trendy position to take among activists and politicians this summer is to attack plastic. Nothing is being left out of the assault on common sense: bags, straws, single use utensils. If it's plastic, it's a threat to our environment and you should be guilty for using it.

Stop it already.

First of all, plastic bags are sanitary and useful for everything from carrying meat and produce to lining trash cans and picking up after your dog. Beyond the many uses of plastic bags, there's the fact that America has plenty of landfill capacity in which to dispose of the bags after you're done with them. Same thing with straws. Have you ever had to use a paper straw? Disgusting and not practical. They fall apart and it's only been a few years since the radical environmentalists were opposing paper because, well, ya gotta save the trees right?

Perhaps the fact that going "paperless" had little or no impact on the harvesting of trees and the fact that despite a tripling of the population in the US and an increased demand for wood use in paper and housing, we have almost the same level of forestation coverage that we had 100 years ago.

So, plenty of landfill space, plenty of trees, and think about the water saved when throwing away a straw or utensil instead of having to wash it? Plastic is one of the great inventions of humanity. Durable, sanitary and plentiful.

Shame on weak and ignorant politicians for pandering to the luddites who want rely on fear and propaganda to fight against human innovation and progress. In case you're wondering, yes, I'm buying up plastic straws and Styrofoam cups...also double bagging at the grocery store.

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