It's the bane of many drivers. You're driving to work on a single lane either direction road when up ahead you see it. It's the dreaded The tell tale triangle on the back practically mocks you. And falling victim to your own human nature as you slow from 50 mph to 8 mph, you just know he could get that thing up to at least 20 if he really cared. So you wait patiently for a passing zone, and when you finally hit one you hit the gas and get around him and try your best to put the last 3 miles out of your mind and get on with your day as your adrenaline settles down.

Well did you know that a new law went into effect this year that could slap you with a $500 fine if you don't do a particular thing when you pass that slow moving farm vehicle? That little something you must now do is to first slow down and match his speed as you pull alongside to pass. Then and only then can you accelerate and go by him. Seems a little crazy, right? So you speed up enough to get alongside him, but then ease up so that you're basically pacing him for a moment, then resume with the acceleration. What on earth is the point of this, especially when passing zones can go by in the blink of an eye? Isn't this making the entire passing process even more dangerous by prolonging it slightly?

As dumb as it sounds it went into effect this month and can result in a fine between $100 to $500 if you don't slow down before passing. Only in New Jersey would they dream up a law saying you have to temporarily go as slow as the vehicle you're passing before you resume passing it. And you can imagine having just moved to Hunterdon County how thrilled I am to hear about this new money grab.

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