Democratic Assemblyman John Wisniewski's proposed bill to make drinking coffee while driving illegal was pretty much nipped in the bud last night. This is good news considering how many New Jerseyans thought it was insane. We talked about the bill on air and not only did Jersey civilians think it was a dumb idea, we had Chris, a  police officer, call in to give his concerns.

When you're having a sip of coffee in the car, "your eyes are still on the road, you're still paying attention," Chris points out. "I didn't become a police officer to enforce things like this and make people's lives miserable."

Chris was annoyed about the proposed bill because it highlights a misunderstanding between the police force and the government. "If the legislature thinks police officers have nothing better to do than pull people for over for these reasons, they have another thing coming. We have way more important things to do."

You have to wonder how they would have enforced this. How can you have people who are trying to catch murderers and robbers also hunt down someone sipping coffee on the way to the office? It's a different ball game.

This is where the Coffee Cops come in! Check out my idea for a coffee police squad in the video below:


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